Friday, August 21, 2009

Where There's Smoke, There's Usually Fire

The Deerfield Beach Commission voted to award the temporary contract to run the little pier restaurant to J.B.s. Strangely, none of the commissioners, before voting, thought it necessary to announce their ties to the owner of J.B.s restaurant.

Under the ethics code, both State and Local I believe that a commissioner has to disclose contacts, campaign donations and ex parte discussions. I’m pretty sure that both Commissioner Noland, who mumbled that she doesn’t work for J.B.s anymore, and Commissioner Miller have associations that they must disclose. I find it hard to believe that Peggy did not discuss this project with Sue.

The vote should be cancelled and another vote should be taken.

I heard another suspicious thing; I was told that Oceans 234 and Amonte’s Italian Restaurant only received the application for the contract two days before the deadline. Not enough time to submit a proposal. Maybe the other restaurants in the area should be asked when they received the paperwork.

Favoritism, I think so. Friends like to take care of friends, especially friends who donate big bucks to campaign chests. Where there is smoke there is usually fire, but if, in this case, there are no flames, there is a stink.

Time for a do over.

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  1. Bett;

    Don't let the facts get in the way of your story telling... Really... They are just a nuisance...