Friday, August 21, 2009

Tom Francis, hot stuff

The Deerfield Beach Commission should be ashamed of this pissant investigation.

A while back, I wrote I was surprised at the mild tone New Times reporter Tom Francis took when he first reported on the Firefighters unethical behavior during the last election campaign. He tells me that he was just getting warmed up and now here is the heat:

Documents Show Deerfield Firefighters Short-Armed Internal Investigation
By Thomas Francis in Broward, Politics

Friday, Aug. 21 2009 @ 1:29PM

​It wasn't exactly Watergate, but for Deerfield Beach it had the makings of a defining moment in its scandal-plagued history: Firefighters accused by residents of engaging in improper political activities during the final, frenzied week of the city's municipal elections in March. With a new mayor and two new commissioners, would the city dare to demand accountability from the powerful Deerfield Beach Department of Fire and Rescue? FOR THE REST OF THE ARTICLE, CLICK HERE:

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