Thursday, August 20, 2009

No Probable Cause, They Got it Right.

The Elections Commission and its investigators have issued a finding of no probable cause in the complaint by Chaz Stevens against ROC and Gerry Brown.

ROC (Reunite Our City, Inc.) was formed in 2005 by Gerry Brown after the editor of the Deerfield Beach Observer Newspaper refused to print letters to the Editor with points of view different from hers (sound familiar?). There was a need for another forum, and a need to bring the polarized city together.

ROC established a website, published newsletters both on-line, and printed and held meet and greet parties for residents of all districts.

As part of its philosophy was informing the public, ROC saw a need to help right an injustice and donated money to Commissioner Steve Gonot’s recall-fighting effort for flyers and postage.

For some reason, Chaz Stevens thought that was improper and sent in a complaint to the Florida Elections Commission.

ROC had no evil scheme to launder money, if they wanted to do some hanky-panky with funds, depositing them into a traceable bank account and then writing a traceable check would not have been the way to go.

But, there was a need to counter the charges in public, a need to get the truth out and ROC decided to help. It was as simple as that, and finally, after thousands of dollars spend in defending the allegation, the Elections Commission agreed.

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