Thursday, August 6, 2009

It's the Impact, Stupid!

What do I think people in Deerfield Beach should do when they know or suspect that there are public employees or elected officials acting improperly?

Not, certainly, ignore the behavior. One commentator thought I was a hypocrite and just pointing fingers and doing nothing. He/she had no way of knowing that I have submitted complaints to the State’s Attorney and the Election Board, and they are investigating. I mention this now only to counter the impression that I do nothing. I will say what I think; I will report what I see, sometimes publically and loudly, sometimes not so much.

In fact, doing nothing is not what I or the OSOBs are about. Because right now there are no issues affecting the quality of life in Deerfield Beach does not mean that the OSOBs are “resting on their laurels” merely that they, thankfully, have no large issues just now.

No, I cannot separate the message from the messenger. I happen to believe that using words such as fuck and shit, in a blog can start to become routine, so much so that sentences without those words seem to be bland and lack impact. Ignoring that some people think such words are offensive, which will not matter to the writer, they do become just a boring habit. Being thought rude and vulgar hardly matters, but making people who read the blog yawn with boredom while slogging through irrelevant vulgarity to get at the “message” hidden in what the blogger thinks is outrageous or truthful and honest is simply tiresome. Getting personally ticked off at someone and taking cheap shots is also indefensible.

Also, I do think that such language is a sign of inadequate self discipline and lack of sophistication; they often mask an inadequate vocabulary. It is much more difficult it is to come up with definitive adjectives than using a curse word. Mostly others will not care what I think, but there is a larger dangerous impact:

The result of this name calling.

Not the result that the guilty get punished, I have no problem with that, and welcome all who are trying to keep our government honest. But the result of using the indiscriminate tar brush on everyone, no exceptions. The frustration a person, trying to do a good job who comes into the sights of a playful blogger having “fun” and gets excoriated, for doing nothing more than being human, is scary enough for many to prevent them from even considering running for office. THAT IS MY POINT.

I do not think that if you don’t have anything to hide you will be fine, as that is not proving to be anywhere near true.

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  1. Apparently, in the mind of Bett Willett, authors such as Bukowski, Thompson and Kerouac were unsophisticated.