Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Commission Muddled

When the smoke cleared the fire was burning...

Linda Trischitta’s article in today’s paper, Local section pg. 3 titled “Deerfield Beach: Campaign donations muddle winning pier restaurant bid” starts out -

DEERFIELD BEACH - The winning bidder for a restaurant lease on the city-owned pier did not declare that he had given campaign contributions to the mayor and a commissioner, which could prompt the city to throw out the bids and start over. http://www.sun-sentinel.com/news/broward/deerfield/sfl-deerfield-pier-bids-082409,0,5545371.story

The commission was told at last night’s budget hearing that they have 3 choices, they can start all over putting out for new bids, they can toss out J.B.s and award the contract to the second choice, or they can let J.B.s fix their bid.

Not too hard to guess what they are going to do as Sylvia quickly asked, “What do we have to do to pick the third choice”?

Trischitta ends her article with a quote from the current restaurant manager -

"If politics ran the way it was supposed to, their application should have been thrown out because it wasn't complete, but we all know that's not how the political machine works," Weinstein said".

The contract will be discussed at the next commission meeting.

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  1. The City of Deerfield Beach went to great lengths to have A City Code of Ethics enacted to make sure incidents like this do not happen. This will be its first test. I implore all the citizens of DB to file ethic compliants against JB's, Noland and Miller. The more compliants the better. Please look at the operative word of the tag line for this story "COULD" and also the one I heard from Andy. This means they can and for those of us who know better...they will let JB's bid again. Please do not let the City Code of Ethics fall by the wayside. Please do not let JB's get their hands on this restaurant. I understand one of Nolands children may have been employed at JB's. If a well run restaurant (JB's)can't hire people to do their bidding properly...I can't and won't trust whatever they try to put out there including whatever Noland and Miller say. Again, I ask you to file compliants to make sure JB's is not allowed to bid again. "Ignorance Of The Law Is NO Excuse".