Monday, July 6, 2009

When Asked, "Why Bother?"

Anyone who devotes themselves to issues which effect the public, is going to have doubts from time to time about what they do.

If we were acting for economic motive, such as developers or others who seek to make a buck off of the public, or if we were in it for the ego need of power, or for money or status, we would not have doubts, because we would know what motivates us.

When our motives are altruistic, by which we do what we do because we believe it empowers individuals who feel so helpless in or community and because we know how some matters are so destructive of the public good, there are times when it can be frustrating.

It can be frustrating to see a Commission that doesn't want to listen to us and calls us negative things, and this can be particularly frustrating when the public believes the lies and distortions about us.

One can wonder if it is worth the effort, if it is really worth going through, when we gain nothing of tangible benefit, especially when our time could be spent earning more money or having more leisure time to pursue things which we enjoy.

Those are down moments, thoughts which seem to naturally creep in from time to time especially the more one is devoted to the effort. But then, the reality sets in that we have to be who we are.

We are, for whatever reasons, compelled to do what is right, to defend and protect those who are helpless and need our assistance even though we do not know who many of them are on a personal basis.

And, we could not live with ourselves if we lead lives of selfishness. We cannot turn ourselves into being what we are not. We cannot turn inward towards ourselves and ignore those around us. We are our brother's keeper because we are internally motivated to be.

Never doubt that there are those of us who know respect and value contributions to benefiting the people of Deefield Beach. There will always be things which come up to which there is a call to do what is right. We can never be defeated by others, only by ourselves. - Tom Connick



  2. All this from a money grabbing Attorney, who does not even live in Deerfield. The only reason he is involved is to advertise his services. I'm sure he learned something at Notre Dame University. My guess is the OSOBs would not have their image problem if not for him. Don't go away Tom, just go away!