Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Quo Vadimus?

How have the charges and allegations against our elected officials changed Deerfield Beach? For the better or not?

We traded indicted Mayor Capellini for one who might well have been indicted if Stevens had been around when Noland was voting on fire pensions and perks (they were voted in unanimously so no harm except to taxpayers’ pocketbooks, but wrong is wrong, and she should have recused herself).

Commissioner Gonot resigned and didn’t run for Mayor and the fuss over the indictments caused a throw-all-the-bastards-out knee jerk reaction which resulted in our present commission makeup; one in which, as was said by, Bill Ganz has 90% of the brains. Harsh, but not too far off, if you take as evidence how the rest are behaving and voting.

Now, Marty Popelsky and Sylvia Poitier/Ferguson and her family are being dragged through the mud over and over. They are not alone, other commissioners are being made fun of, harassed, and called names. To what end? How is this type of hurtful mudslinging helping us?

No surprise that, given the past record of Deerfield Beach’s administration, a records request found that there were some left over institutionalized “favorites lists” from a couple of commissions ago which allowed some privileged few an exemption from penalties resulting from such things as late water bill payments.

Good that they were discovered. Apparently Sylvia et al were still getting that advantage, perhaps knowingly, perhaps not; it seems the former paid city administration set things up to do favors to their bosses, and the bosses (the commissioners) got used to it.

OK, correct this, fix it, make sure it doesn’t happen again, get the back bills paid, and get the interest or penalty payments if that is the rule.

(I have an idea, let Robert Weech, (the assistant fire chief who investigated the allegations against the firefighters who were found guilty of ethics violations during the last election) do the investigation. That’ll fix ‘em. They will shake in terror, afraid they might have to partake in counseling. OK, I’m not serious. But I couldn’t resist.)

What’s my point? The harm that is being done to the city far outweighs the good. No, I don’t want anyone who is violating the rules to get away with it, sure, lets seek out the violations, and when they are proved, the perps will have to take the consequences.

But, I do want good people to step up and run for office, and what is happening now, and was very evident in the last election, is that good people WILL NOT expose themselves to what goes on in a Deerfield Election.

Many good caring, intelligent people have told me that they would not consider running for office here, not because they have anything to hide, but because of to what a sitting commissioner is subjected. So we will largely wind up with buffoons and those who think that being a commissioner will enrich them or give them a personal benefit of some kind.


  1. Bett;

    The community has to give the OSOB folks props for doing battle against Deetjen. There is no doubt without the OSOB, the beach would be a very different place. But these day, it seems that OSOB is merely resting on their laurels.

    Chaz is very rude at times, but so what? I can look past the messenger to the message. Can you?

  2. Hypocritical much, Bett? Like a prisoner finding Jesus in a jail cell, are you now going to practice what you preach or simply ignore your role in the game and point fingers as fast as you can in other directions? Criminals (like Steve Gonot) are criminals and should be pulled out by the roots by whatever means necessary. Chaz Stevens, while grotesque to most, is keeping our public servants on their toes.

  3. Well, well Bett! I'm going to weigh in on this one. I am a fan of Chaz and you have always known I am. He's also a fan of mine. And I would expect him to take me to task if he thought I was doing wrong. I would hope that if we want clean and open government...that we can like and respect each other but still take each other to task if and when needed. In essence, it's getting rid of the old boys club mentality. All people have skeletons in their closet they'd rather other people didn't know. But if you want to be a public servant for the right reasons..then one wouldn't be afraid if their skeletons are exposed and exposed correctly.
    I can't resist this comment which does have to do with this topic....imagine if we had voted a quitter into the White House.

  4. I meant to say, esposed ACCURATELY... i.e. the harm the media does by reporting inaccurately.

  5. Who would you trust Bin Laden or the Devil? It's the way the message is delivered, Chaz can deliver his message better, without attacking and the junior high name calling. I remember a comment on the Sun-sentinel, saying they didn't care if Chaz was a child pervert from hell. I'm just waiting to see if these hypocrites above feel the same way in the future when the shoe is on the other foot.

  6. He just says the thngs you say in private publically

  7. I have to laugh at the hypocrisy of the previous commenter. They whine about Chaz's junior high name calling, yet call him the White Devil and compare him to Bin Laden. All done anonymously of course.

  8. I could resist this previous post but I actually forgot to put this in my previous post.
    Personally, I don't read blogs that people won't put their names on and that includes the people who are involved and those who write letters to "About Deerfield Beach". Use "anonymous" like people who hid behind white sheets. What do you all have to hide? If you work for the City, I can understand being afraid to express an opinion in an open forum...otherwise you are people who in my opinion have no morals or ethics. And yes, Chaz could be a bit more civil but who am I to tell someone else how to be. Chaz has the most essential quality of America and that is FREEDOM. Obviously, you do not.

  9. Hes good At marketing. Gets everyone to talk about him.

  10. In your efforts to push Bill Ganz for mayor, you seem to think its important for you and Jeff to tear down Peggy Noland whenever you can. Peggy did get a legal ruling on whether she could vote on the matters where you claimed she broke the law. Peggy is not one of my favorite people but right is right and you people helped elect her by supporting a candidate who had no chance of winning. And if Bill Ganz has 90% of the brains on the commission, he is also a liar. Read the article in the Pelican by Judy Wilson about his reasons for throwing me off the non-uniform pension board. I know now why he was so anxious not to have any publicity for his actions. Everyone thought he was being so noble not to submit me to any more humiliation. The truth is he did not want to own up to the lies he told to justify this depicable action on his part. Read the artcle. He claims I called him "sonny boy" not an expression I have ever used.He claims I called him at 7:30 on Father's day -- not according to the list of my calls for that day as submitted by Comcast. He claims I may have broken the sunshine law and yet he had an opinion from Maurodis who said it might have been borderline but no violation. He claims I called him on May 5th to ask for his support on my being named to the board -- once again not according to my list of calls submitted by comcast no call to Ganz on that date.

  11. My name is Gene Robb. I know everything.

  12. My name is Judy Wilson. If I wrote it, it has to be true. I have a golden resume. I once worked for Eller.

  13. When it comes to borderline, Jean is your man. She's just steamed that Tommy won't service her anymore cause she failed to deliver.

  14. Jean;

    It has to be really hard on you, being reduced to commenting on Willett's blog; years of service reduced to nipping at the heels of the upstart Ganz.

    You are always quick to remind us of your laurels, but was it really horse trading the needs of a few employees for your legacy?

    Do you really think that in 10 years folks will recall what you did back in the 80's? Nope. But they will remember the shellacking you got from BillG in '09 and your loss to a possible felon and a barber.

    Don't become the laughing stock of Deerfield. You can't have much gas left in that tank of yours. Ride off into the sunset with whatever remaining dignity you have, if not for yourself, then for the rest of us.

    Please don't add insult to injury by subjecting yourself to further humiliation and embarrassment.


  15. Robb quintessentially highlights all that is wrong in Deerfield Beach. If you are not carrying her water, then you are the enemy.