Sunday, July 19, 2009

Amendment 4 for Florida Must be a Good Idea!

You want to know why Amendment 4 is not only a good idea, but essential for the future of Florida?

Because EVEN if NO changes are made to the county or city comprehensive plans Florida’s local land-use plans, if added together, call for the addition of homes to house 100 million people (our present population is about 20 million). These homes will be built in areas designated “residential” on our land-use plans -- not in wetlands, on beaches, or other inappropriate places. I repeat - this is as things are NOW, with no land use changes.

WITHOUT Amendment 4 we will have “Business as usual”:
Developers come into town with lots of cash for the politicians (just recently the Mayor of Tamarac said a developer offered him $200,000 cash in a shoe box, does anyone think this is an isolated incident?) then the developers petition for a land use change from say, agriculture to residential, overbuild and disappear to “redevelop” somewhere else; leaving in their wake paved over green space, overpopulation, pollution, water shortages, and a bunch of politicians buying new cars and 52” flat screen hi-def TVs and greedily looking forward to the next new project.

The collapse of the Florida housing industry and recession (caused by guess who?) has halted this for now, but the issue of how to manage growth when it eventually returns has not gone away. That buzzing sound you hear in the background is land developers busily planning the next round.

The Florida Hometown Democracy’s Amendment will require a vote by the residents before a change to their land use comprehensive plan is made.

Amendment 4 must be a good idea because all the usual crooks are against it.

In Orlando, a candidate for Orange County mayor has observed, “In local politics, it is not left versus right, it is taxpayer versus government. Most people in Florida believe our government has become self-serving and no longer represents the best interest of the taxpayer. They are correct. Government’s primary focus is on sustaining their jobs and providing for an insatiable appetite for revenue,” says Matthew Falconer.

Vote Yes on Amendment "4 for Florida." Give yourself a vote on growth

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