Saturday, June 13, 2009

Irony: incongruity between what is expected or intended and what actually occurs.

Tri-Rail is in trouble. They are cutting down from 50 to 30 weekday trains. But that might be the least of the riders’ worries.

In Michael Turnbell’s article in the Sun Sentinel Congressional delegation demands Tri-Rail keep running we learn that,
”Eleven members of Florida’s congressional delegation say the livelihoods of thousands of workers and the future of high speed and commuter rail in Florida all rests on Tri-Rail’s ability to get dedicated funding…

The only way cuts might be avoided is if Tri-Rail’s board decides to use local gas-tax money for operations instead of long-term capital expenses. A decision will be made at Tri-Rail’s board meeting on June 26….

Without additional funding, Tri-Rail could completely shut down within two years.At least 350 Tri-Rail jobs with a payroll of $3 million will be lost if Tri-Rail service is eliminated…”

Who is going to vote to increase gas prices?

Isn’t this an ironic kick in the head?

Just before the real estate debacle the Deerfield Beach Commission approved a Transit Oriented Development just west of the Tri-Rail. This masterpiece of planning (thankfully still unbuilt) allows ultra high density in housing in the hopes that the people who live in this TOD will use the train and not their cars. ROTFLMAO!!!! As if????

And, now there will be no Tri-Rail, oh, my aching gut, I cannot stop laughing. The developers of “Sardineville” will have to pretend the people will take the bus.

What? The county is cutting back on bus service, OMG; I guess they will each have to have two cars after all. What will that do to the traffic on Hillsboro Blvd. and 10th Street?

Our commissioners will still have campaign donations from the developers so there can’t be a problem.

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