Friday, June 12, 2009

Duh! I Didn't Know,

Jeff Sayles ( bemoans the lack of citizen interest in local government, and he is right, very few residents attend commission meetings or even vote, and I don’t think that will change barring some earth-shattering event such as the local equivalent of Barak Obama running for mayor.

But even so, sometimes the utter ignorance of some residents about what is going on in their own neighborhoods makes me want to puke.

Case in point, the Dixie Highway flyover project, which has been in the works at the MPO for 20 years:
· The land was acquired and the area has looked like a war zone for a decade.
· The flyover was the topic of discussion at many commission meetings.
· The flyover was shown on the drawings and discussed at all the Pioneer Park renovation meetings.
· The flyover was an agenda item for District 1 meetings for the last 4 years.
· Both the local papers and the Sun Sentinel ran articles about it from time to time.

Of course I shouldn’t have been surprised, but this time I was by the reaction of some residents to hearing that the Dixie Highway flyover project would be funded by stimulus dollars.

They wanted to know how this project got approved when they hadn’t heard anything about it. Truly, they said that!

20 years in the works, meeting after meeting, the poor people who run that little liquor store frustrated about how long it was taking, and these idiots want to know why they hadn’t heard about it!

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