Thursday, June 18, 2009

Commission looked foolish

I think the commission was wrong to ban the "ninja's" video, I do not like censorship, if something in it was off they could have just shut it down, I think the first amendment has been trampled here. They looked foolish, overreacting, bumbling and mumbling about porno etc.

Now, all videos have to be previewed, nonsense, again that is censorship, no one knows what a person is going to say when they address the commission, they don't have to give their speech in ahead of time, what is different about a video? A person could stand up and start swearing and whip out dirty pictures to show the camera and they would be ousted, how different is a video. Bad move.

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  1. You think that looked foolish.

    There is a supplemental agenda for tonight's meeting, submitted by Peggy Noland. A supplemental agenda is like a secret agenda, submitted late so that the public is unaware of the issues to be addressed.

    The supplemental agenda includes only two items. One is to address the current retirement issues pertaining to city employees. The other is to start the process of formally reviewing the City Manager's job performance.

    Sorry, Mike, but in Deerfield Beach review is a code word for fire. Our commissioners only review managers that they want to get rid of, so don't be surprised to see Peggy and Marty come to the meeting carring shovels.

    The best part is that they have alreadt selected your replacement: Fire Chief Tony Stravino. I guess Stravino will now be the lead negotiator for the new firefighter's union contract.

    Only in Deerfield.