Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Evaluation? Yeah, right, NOT!

OMG, Peggy, you don’t like Mahaney, we get that, but to be unable to find anything to criticize except where he parks reflects more on you than on him. What happened to the evaluation checklist that the commission used for former managers? You know the one that actually had something to do with job performance.

Mahaney is the Manager of the city, if anyone should have a designated parking spot he should. He is in and out of the building, many times in a day doing city business, and I for one don’t want him to waste time walking 3 or 4 rows over to find his car.

Porno Panic Purged

The commission saw the error of their ways, and came down from their panicked about porno position and, thanks to Bill Ganz, rescinded their anti free speech rule.

This was the rule which stated that anyone who wanted to address the commission and use an audio/visual presentation had to have the AV vetted by the city staff ahead of time. This was passed last meeting while Timothy Steven’s paid ninja was handing Steven’s DVD over to be shown as part of his allocated 3 minutes.

Noland paled under her painted tan and not realizing that Stevens, playing a joke on her, had redirected her computer to a porno site every time she tried to access his site, gasped that Ninja Jim couldn’t be allowed to show the DVD as Stevens’ site is nothing but porno. This would be funny if it were not so pathetic. A panel of elected officials, panicked about the possibility of something inappropriate, stomped on one of our most cherished freedoms.

Pam Militello, who spoke next, had a PowerPoint presentation showing weeks of photos of the Cove Shopping Center with lots of empty spaces day after day, which graphically demonstrated that the need for a parking garage there is a myth. The visual effect of slide after slide of empty spots was much more powerful than just talking about it, but she was denied her right to show her presentation. I am looking forward to the next regular scheduled meeting at which we will see both Stevens’ and Militello’s presentations, or, if not, I will certainly want to know why.

Monday, June 22, 2009

The Deerfield Uncensored blog is back and is, again, not pulling any punches. I think it is a healthy thing when residents care enough about their city to take the time to keep up with what is going on at city hall and around town in general, and let the rest of us in on it.

Blogs are opinionated by design the more so the better, and although I am not a big user of shock words, can understand the passion that generates their use and am not offended when a site which I choose to visit uses “the F bomb” to make a point. So, welcome back DU and blog away.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Commission looked foolish

I think the commission was wrong to ban the "ninja's" video, I do not like censorship, if something in it was off they could have just shut it down, I think the first amendment has been trampled here. They looked foolish, overreacting, bumbling and mumbling about porno etc.

Now, all videos have to be previewed, nonsense, again that is censorship, no one knows what a person is going to say when they address the commission, they don't have to give their speech in ahead of time, what is different about a video? A person could stand up and start swearing and whip out dirty pictures to show the camera and they would be ousted, how different is a video. Bad move.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Irony: incongruity between what is expected or intended and what actually occurs.

Tri-Rail is in trouble. They are cutting down from 50 to 30 weekday trains. But that might be the least of the riders’ worries.

In Michael Turnbell’s article in the Sun Sentinel Congressional delegation demands Tri-Rail keep running we learn that,
”Eleven members of Florida’s congressional delegation say the livelihoods of thousands of workers and the future of high speed and commuter rail in Florida all rests on Tri-Rail’s ability to get dedicated funding…

The only way cuts might be avoided is if Tri-Rail’s board decides to use local gas-tax money for operations instead of long-term capital expenses. A decision will be made at Tri-Rail’s board meeting on June 26….

Without additional funding, Tri-Rail could completely shut down within two years.At least 350 Tri-Rail jobs with a payroll of $3 million will be lost if Tri-Rail service is eliminated…”

Who is going to vote to increase gas prices?

Isn’t this an ironic kick in the head?

Just before the real estate debacle the Deerfield Beach Commission approved a Transit Oriented Development just west of the Tri-Rail. This masterpiece of planning (thankfully still unbuilt) allows ultra high density in housing in the hopes that the people who live in this TOD will use the train and not their cars. ROTFLMAO!!!! As if????

And, now there will be no Tri-Rail, oh, my aching gut, I cannot stop laughing. The developers of “Sardineville” will have to pretend the people will take the bus.

What? The county is cutting back on bus service, OMG; I guess they will each have to have two cars after all. What will that do to the traffic on Hillsboro Blvd. and 10th Street?

Our commissioners will still have campaign donations from the developers so there can’t be a problem.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Duh! I Didn't Know,

Jeff Sayles ( bemoans the lack of citizen interest in local government, and he is right, very few residents attend commission meetings or even vote, and I don’t think that will change barring some earth-shattering event such as the local equivalent of Barak Obama running for mayor.

But even so, sometimes the utter ignorance of some residents about what is going on in their own neighborhoods makes me want to puke.

Case in point, the Dixie Highway flyover project, which has been in the works at the MPO for 20 years:
· The land was acquired and the area has looked like a war zone for a decade.
· The flyover was the topic of discussion at many commission meetings.
· The flyover was shown on the drawings and discussed at all the Pioneer Park renovation meetings.
· The flyover was an agenda item for District 1 meetings for the last 4 years.
· Both the local papers and the Sun Sentinel ran articles about it from time to time.

Of course I shouldn’t have been surprised, but this time I was by the reaction of some residents to hearing that the Dixie Highway flyover project would be funded by stimulus dollars.

They wanted to know how this project got approved when they hadn’t heard anything about it. Truly, they said that!

20 years in the works, meeting after meeting, the poor people who run that little liquor store frustrated about how long it was taking, and these idiots want to know why they hadn’t heard about it!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dixie Flyover Meeting - at a time no one can make

According to Michael Turnbell of the Sun Sentinel, State officials will talk about the flyover project at a public meeting from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. Monday in Deerfield Beach Commission chambers at City Hall, 150 NE Second Ave.,0,1141955.story

State Officials, huh, I guess they want to make sure they get home in time for dinner so they are having the meeting at the most inconvienent time possible for resident participation.

No one, besides the retired and unemployed is able to attend a meeting at 4:30 in the afternoon. This is a typical politician trick, have a public meeting, crow about how they had a meeting to inform the public, but very few showed up, which, I am sure they will say, means no one is interested. WRONG, many people are interested but are working, tending to kids, or trying to get dinner on the table for their families at that time.

Get real, state official people, have the meeting at 7:00, better yet, have one during the day for the retirees who don't like to drive at night, and another at night for those who still have jobs.

What is up with our commission allowing this meeting at this time, don't some of our commissioners work? Huh? Oh, I mean don't some of them have jobs other than the commission.