Monday, May 18, 2009

Washington Trip and the Cove????

Wazzzzzup? We learn from another blog ( that one of the things the delegation from Deerfield Beach to the Legislators in Washington was asking for is money for a garage in the Cove.

Did I miss something, the part where the commission actually voted for the garage? I am pretty sure I would have noticed that.

I am very sure that there are other “economic stimulus” projects in Deerfield Beach which do NOT have CRA funding, and certain that there are other projects which will benefit the residents and businesses in the whole city rather than just two restaurants on the intracoastal.

Who has been meeting in the back room? When was the decision made to build a garage with public money? Where will the garage go? The city doesn’t own the property at the back of the Cove. If this is going to be a public garage will they stick it in the front of the Shopping Center? Who are the players in this?

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