Friday, May 15, 2009

Uh-oh. He’s back!!! Like Chucky, you can’t get rid of Boinis.

From the Deerfield Beach Commission Agenda for May 19th:

Request for reconsideration of Resolution 2009/ – A Resolution of the City Commission of the City of Deerfield Beach, Florida, authorizing a contract for the purchase of certain property, Lot 1, Block 4, Page 45, in the City of Deerfield Beach for the purchase price of $510,000 from PPB Ocean, LLC. (Requested by Mayor Peggy Noland) ACTION: Commission to vote on Resolution

I would be overjoyed if Peggy had requested this to be put on the agenda for the purchase price of $310,000. But here it is again; rip off the taxpayers’ time.

Using the contingency funds to pay him off will leave the taxpayers at risk for funding any emergency which might come along for the next half year (We only have about $448,000 in the fund now). Remember Wilma, remember how much just getting the tree branches off the streets cost?

As Bob Norman put it on his blog:
“Boinis is the developer and restaurateur who had a big idea to build an oversized restaurant on the Deerfield Beach Pier back in 2005. The populace hated the idea, but the fix was in with since-criminally charged Mayor Al Capellini and the banished racist-tirade-spewing city manager, Larry Deetjen.”

Outraged residents and an election coming up sank his deal.

Yes, the city should own this property. But, NO, the city shouldn’t be rushing to throw our money at Boinis just to get rid of him. NO ONE ELSE WANTS THIS PROPERTY!

We will eventually own it; he has nowhere else to go. What kind of back room deal came up with this? What idiot talked to Boinis and led him to believe the residents of our city would want to use their money to pay him off.

Why would anyone want to give him any profit, let alone a 155% one? He spent a bundle on plans for the “let’s see how I can gouge the city” pier proposal, and now he wants the residents to pay for that. OMG!

Offer him the $310,000 grant money and if he refuses, tell him to stuff it until he comes to his senses and realizes that if he wants to salvage anything out of this he had better say yes to the $three ten deal before the grant expires and we send it back to the county, AND he is SOL.


  1. I go to the City Commission Meetings as much as I have time for. It is outrageous to even purchase this land for $310,000. Let him pay taxes on it and maintain it. We have problems and the city need not to throw away money. If it goes back to the state - do not tell people someone else will be given that money. The state is broke. They would welcome the money back. Further in may not be the cities problem but our local schools are being cut funding which will obviously mean that they will fire teachers. I know for a fact that Deerfield Middle alone will be losing more than USD500,000. Deerfield Residents - I know most of the people that attend these commission meetings are retirees - at least that is what I have seen in the past. I use to brag about the older folks worring about the dollar and the younger folks they never fixed anything - they just threw it away and bought another one. It seems now the tide is changing. We need to look outside the box and see how cities throughout the US are run - the efficient ones. We still need to cut as the next 5 years are going to be very different from the previous 5 years. We need to negotiate much better. Boca Raton has so much more to offer than we do here in Deerfield. Beach Parking is Cheaper, Park use for our Children is cheaper, and further they offer discounts to play golf for their residents. We need to look to cities like Boca and even others outside of Florida to see what they are doing and implement them here.
    John Grassi

  2. Let's look more closely at the possibility of any back-room deal. And, let's look more closely at those who have stated opposition to an ethics code for Deerfield Beach.

    No -- we cannot nor should we attempt to legislate morality.

    BUT we should make it our business to see to it that those we elect and employ adhere to the spirit of law, just in case they do not have built-in ethical standards.