Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Eller's List

Caryl Berner, an opinionated, strong woman, has made a vocation of letting the Deerfield Beach Commission know when she thinks they are on the wrong track. She’s usually right. At last night’s commission meeting, she stood up to read a letter that the Observer refused to publish. It was a letter praising the city clerk and the people in her office, it had no hidden agenda, no ax to grind; it was simply a nicely written thank you to Ada Graham Johnson and the employees in her office, for a job well done. As May 5 was City Clerk day, it was a timely billet-doux.

I know Observer owner David “You’re with me or you’re against me” Eller refuses to print any letters from the members of the Original Save Our Beach committee. His blacklisting started shortly into the last local election campaign when several members of the OSOB backed Commissioner Militello for reelection instead of his handpicked choice Joe Miller. Using his red pencil this way turned the Observer from a local “news” paper to the Eller opinion tabloid.

Once the election was over, I assumed he would go back to “normal” operations, but I realized his insecurity was irrational, and that he holds a mean grudge, when he recently refused to print a Woman’s Club of Deerfield Beach news release about the Deerfield Beach volunteer of the year who went on to win the Broward County volunteer of the year and was honored at the State Florida Women’s Club convention in Orlando. The winner was a member of the OSOB.

And now he is refusing to print Ms. Berner’s letters. Makes you wonder who else is on his brown edged list. Let’s see, who might they be? (I am honored to be in the group.) All candidates who were not Miller or Capellini, all supporters of those candidates, anyone who questions his reactionary world view, anyone radical enough to start a blog about Deerfield Beach, who else?

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