Sunday, April 5, 2009

Observer, journalism? or propaganda (shit) sheet?

The article about the commission meeting on the Cove parking lot renovation in Eller's bird cage liner, instead of leading with the many quotes from the majority of business owners who were begging for the project to be done quickly, lead with a quote from the Bagel shop owner who was one of the few who thought it should wait. Most were like the Bridal shop owner who wanted the bids to go out now and have everything ready to start by next spring. The article also nattered on about needing a garage to increase parking. Well, I don't think the residents are ready for a $15,000,000 taxpayer funded garage which would realistically only benefit the Cove Restaurant on Friday nights. But the residents do deserve the city owned parking lot to be maintained, and landscaped. Hmmm, "Follow the money" Hmmmm, Agnew, O'Leary, Eller, Noland????

A yellow rag owner named Eller
A discount the truth kind of feller
Did slant his Cove post
To make it seem most
Were against ‘stead of for; the lie teller.

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