Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Deerfield Follies Continued:

Last night’s CRA meeting vote to approve the design work on the Cove Shopping Center sidewalk design assured the businesses and residents that work would go ahead on the parking lot renovation. Many feared that O’Leary’s influence would halt the project, but I guess he has other fish to fry, something like getting the city to build him a parking garage.

The proposal for an RFP for a public/private parking garage in the Cove was tabled, (thanks, Bill Ganz) but not until Sylvia moaned about the Sunshine Law, seems Sylvia prefers to do her deals out of the view of the public, she kept saying don’t talk about that here in public. This after Ganz pushed to know who the “private” is in the public/private deal, where the money would come from, what the parameters are for the RFP, who will head the project from the city side, who will watch the shop so to speak.

Sylvia jumped in, out of turn, several times to stop Bill, and then Popelsky, who was echoing Bill’s concern about who was going to be the watchdog. Marty stated that the last 4 projects in the city were problems and someone should be responsible.

Remember the MOC building; I don’t think it is done yet, years later and how many millions over estimate?

Again Sylvia insisted there be no more talk, just wait to see what the proposals bring in, she insisted that she knew at least 5 developers who would build the garage for free.

WELL GO FOR IT SYLVIA, what do you need the city for if they will build it for free!!!! I’m all for a private builder going in and building the garage on their own. Yes! Yes! Yes!

BUT, guess what Sylvia, use common sense, who would build a 500 space garage (as Mike Mahaney said, $16,500 per space, which without the cost of buying the land would bring it to $8,250,000, add the cost of the land, O’Leary bought it for something like 3.5M, and is, I heard, asking 8M for it) in a center where it would only be filled on Friday nights.

Joe Miller in his first boneheaded move of the evening jumped in before Mahaney could explain his cost figures of $15-16M for the garage and as much as called him a liar, saying he had verbal quotes of half that figure. Sure Joe, Mahaney said, but don’t forget you need land on which to build that garage; your “verbal quotes” were for just the garage. Oops.

Miller says it is a good time to buy land, now we should look into a garage, he says everyone knows we need more parking. (Was the sub text to help good old O’Leary, big campaign donator, out?) No, Joe, everyone does not know we need a garage. Sure, on Friday night it is jammed, but at NO other time during the week is there a time when a space is not available. This week, Monday, lots of spaces, Tuesday, lots of spaces, Wednesday, lots of spaces, Saturday, spaces available, I walked a little to get to where I wanted to go, but still plenty of spaces. Just who will use that garage, and when, oh, right, O’Leary’s restaurant on Friday night. If the garage was a profitable venture, O’Leary would build it himself in a New York minute.

Again Sylvia wanted the talking to stop; she said all this talking in public was making her “Hot as Tucker” (no, I don’t know what that means either) she said the “game is not played that way” and she said to Bill that when he “grows up” he will understand, gee Sylvia, was that a deliberate insult, or an analogy? Either way that was something better said in private not public, or better not at all. Did you hear the gasp from the audience when you as much as called the only Commissioner between us and fiscal disaster a boy.

Boneheaded move #2: Miller says he can make the private property signs on the beach go away in 30 days, do we want to know how. Then he proceeded to read a prepared statement, (who prepared it is the mystery), it was clear it wasn’t Miller as he had a hard time reading it, stumbling over many of the words and figures.

From his votes it looks like he does not do his homework, and here is another case in point. Mr. -no new taxes and save the city money- Miller now wants the city to give Boinis $200,000 of CITY TAXPAYERS’ MONEY for his little spit of sand; this, when we are looking to laying people off due to a shortfall.

Hey, Joe, the city has a contract of sale with Boinis and it CLEARLY states that only grant money will be used to purchase his plot, wait for the next go around, as we were 3rd on the grant list last time, we have a good chance in May. Or, let him sit on his property, which is unusable, until we can ice skate on Lake Okeechobee.

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