Sunday, March 8, 2009

What Some Candidates Will Do For a Vote

Joe Miller is adding to his reputation as supremely clueless. He (a Presbyterian who brags about being high up in his church as a ruling elder) has taken to attending mass at St. Ambrose Roman Catholic Church. (No you don’t have to have a degree as a rocket scientist to figure out, in an election year, why, no wonder he was against the ethics code.)

Yesterday he received Holy Communion. Oops, that’s a no-no, as a Protestant, especially as an ex-Catholic (automatic as soon as he joined his Protestant church) he should know better. He says taking communion was okay as he was baptized Catholic, and raised Catholic. But, he isn’t Catholic any longer. He gave up the right to call himself Catholic when he joined the Presbyterians.

Father Dalton, I was told, when asked why Joe was allowed to receive communion, said, “They can do whatever they want, but we can’t”. He got it wrong too, Joe’s church may not care if he takes communion in the Catholic Church, but the Catholic Church cares if he does, they have a rule against it:


"Canon Law # 844.1:
"Catholic ministers may lawfully administer the sacraments only to Catholic members of Christ's faithful, who equally may lawfully receive them only from Catholic ministers." [Can. # 844.1]

Only those who belong to Rites in communion with the Roman Catholic Church can receive communion within the Catholic Church. This excludes all the Protestant Churches because they do not hold the Catholic belief regarding the Real Presence of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist."

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