Saturday, March 7, 2009

Lother, A Student of the Al Capellini School of Advertising

Did you read Linda Trischitta’s (Three Deerfield candidates list degrees that can't be confirmed) article about Deerfield Commission candidates’ education credentials in today’s Sun Sentinel?

After reading it, I guessed Lother left out one school on his resume; Lother must have graduated from the Al Capellini School of Advertising. Remember Al’s mailer which said CAPELLINI will be CLEARED, with the “will be” in such small letters that anyone over the age of 50 needed their +300 magnifiers to read it. That little “fact” filled goodie blanketed Century Village. What was Al thinking; that the CV seniors would miss the little print? Yup, you are right, yes, he was. Well Lother is following in his mentor’s footsteps.

(However I am guessing that today’s Sun Sentinel article will put an end to Al’s hope of election. No one who cares about the city would vote for him now that his hearing has been put off until April, because, as I understand it, if he wins, he would have to resign, and then the new vice mayor would be mayor and we would have to have another commissioner appointed; and then a new expensive election, and then higher taxes to pay for it, and then…..)

Reporter Linda Trischitta wrote, “On District 4 candidate Gary Lother’s resume, the former state licensed firefighter lists “Florida Atlantic University (1976).”
When told the school did not have a record of his graduation, Lother, 53, said, “I didn’t say I graduated from there.”

Hey, Gar, yes you did! When you write the name of a school, and you DO NOT put in “attended” and then you do put in a date, that is the same as saying you graduated. This is not an ethical thing to do. This is meant to deliberately mislead voters.

The accepted form is to state your degree, what it is in, and the school name and location followed by the date graduated, like this:

M.A. Educational Administration, Kean College, Union, New Jersey, 1993
M.A. Reading Specialist, Seton Hall University, South Orange, New Jersey, 1977
B.A. Elementary Education, Magna cum laude, Kean College, Union, New Jersey, 1974

But, if one simply writes Hard Knox University, 1973, one implies that the person graduated from there.

Gary, you might want to go to this site for candidates:
They give steps to follow before running, this is Step 4:

“Update your resume. Much of a campaign’s written material includes personal and professional data from the candidate’s background. Therefore, you should update your resume…Your resume must be completely accurate because the press will certainly scrutinize every detail. Exaggerating your background will be a costly mistake.”

Oops, too late!!!!

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