Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Little Bo Peep has nothing on Al.

Ya gotta love the kid. Thomas Francis is a writer for the Broward-Palm Beach New Times; (http://www.browardpalmbeach.com/) a young man I met at the disgraceful Observer “Forum”; the only reporter there. He went on to write a scathing, but truthful, article about the forum, if you read it the day after the forum, you should re-read it with the updates and a video link. http://blogs.browardpalmbeach.com/juice/2009/02/deerfield_beach_mayor_election.php#more

I guess his is appetite was whetted for Deerfield’s local shenanigans because he has a new posting about Capellini’s campaign mailings. He terms Capellini’s ‘Deerfield Beach Dispatch’ a “thinly veiled propaganda rag” and “Truly the most cynical campaign ploy of 2009”. He also says it should not be confused with “another thinly veiled propaganda rag called the Deerfield Beach Observer, which last week presided over a candidates forum so biased it was deemed a "disgrace" even by the prevailing community standards in a city where crooked politics is an enduring tradition.” Ya, really, really gotta love that kid.

Go to the New Times web site, and click on BLOGS and then go to THE JUICE, Francis’ blog. Read the post, you will ROTF and LYAO. But then you will stop laughing, because you will, along with Francis, start to realize that Capellini is counting on the voters being sheep as Francis says Al’s message is, and scarily, he may be right.

Another commentator, on http://www.deerfieldbeachusa.com/ writes, “Bob Norman, whose exposés all but put Capellini in jail, believes that the instant charges are just the tip of the iceberg. Big Al's business deals with mobsters and convicted drug dealers could bring additional charges -- that seems to be what Norman is implying. We don't know for sure that the pending charges in any way close the book on Al Capellini. It could be that this was the easy case filed now just to get Capellini out of office. Bigger charges could be on the way.

So campers, if the “sheep” buy into the Observer’s absurd position that Al’s (according to the State Attorney) indictable felony was just a little oversight, and vote him in, start thinking about higher property taxes. With Al in the slammer, we will have to fund a new election.

Or, if Al and Lother get in (think of the millions in law suits Gary cost the city) the city of Deerfield Beach should institute a new yearly fee, something like the fire fee, and call it the “Unethics Fee) after all, if you don’t do your homework, you get what you deserve.

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  1. Bett, can I borrow "scathing but truthful" for my new Juice slogan?