Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Janyce being obstructive, duh!

Home for a quick lunch then back to the polls. Dismal turnout, all voting places are reporting a bare trickle of voters, we, at the Chamber of Commerce building, got all excited when 4 cars drove in at once. We, the campaigners, almost outnumbered the voters. The atmosphere among the opposing workers is friendly, sharing water and shade and chatting (nothing else to do).

Sadly, the atmosphere inside the Chamber of Commerce voting site for District 1 is most inhospitable. First they tried to tell the workers that they couldn’t come in to use the bathroom because we had on candidate’s shirts.

When shown a copy of Rule 1S-2.034, Florida Administrative Code, and a printout stating that Secretary of State Kurt Browning's office sent clarifying letters to all 67 Florida election supervisors: "Merely going to the polls wearing campaign paraphernalia is okay," it said.

We were then admitted. BUT, then they barred us from the bathrooms saying we weren’t voters. Then the city clerk was called and told the poll workers to let us in.

Nope, Janyce didn’t want that, she is against Pam, and most of the sign holders are for Pam, so she sent the word to not let us in because they were private bathrooms for the chamber only.

Voters and poll workers can pee in the chamber pot, just not us.

That’s how it stands. I will get in touch with Brenda Snipes, this is just WRONG.

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