Saturday, March 28, 2009

An Inconvenient Excuse.

I don't know anyone who believes that the excuse Joe Miller is giving for the Cove Meeting on Tuesday is the real reason for the meeting.


When Inconvenience is Convenient - Cove Update - 03/27/09
The purpose of Commissioner Miller's Workshop on the Cove project on Tuesday, according to a Sun-Sentinel report, is "to get us up to speed on what's happening" (quoting Mr. Miller).
We are going to spend a lot of money on the Cove, he said, and "I want to make sure that's what we should do."
But that's not exactly what he told the local rag, apparently. According to them:
Miller wants to hear from store and restaurant owners and professional offices regarding the effects that work on the parking lot and sidewalks would have on their businesses. He wants to hear from members of the public. He is concerned that such work would disrupt their business during a down economic time.
... "I will ask the building owners if they will participate in changing the fa├žade to the Key West theme."
Miller emphasized that he is not biased one way or another on the project. "I just want to hear from the business owners who will be directly affected by the implementation of Phase I of this improvement," he said.
Fair enough, if we believed him. But wasn't this all hashed out at the meetings on the Cove renovation and at the charette? Haven't the business owners, the property owners and the public had ample opportunity to make their views known over the last two or three years?
If you know anything about the Cove project, you know that these very people were the ones who contributed the most to the plan (see, the article following).
Of course, Commissioner Miller did not attend any of those meetings.
It doesn't take a meeting to figure out that the work will be inconvenient for a while. This will be the case if the work starts tomorrow or next year. It occurs to us that inconvenience is a convenient excuse to delay the project, perhaps out of existence.
This would be very convenient to a handful of people whose interests are not well served by the Cove project.
Also: since when is inconvenience a reason to delay or not to do a public works project? The streetscapes along the beach front inconvenienced thousands of beach goers and residents for weeks. Ditto, for the sidewalks along A-1-A. Remember that summer the bridge was repaired? For months, beach residents had to go all the way to Pompano or Boca to go to work or the store. Then, lest we forget, the work on Hillsboro ongoing right now that will take a year-and-a-half to complete.
I can't help but feel that Commissioner Miller has found a compassionate sounding way to help out his friends who don't want the Cove project to proceed. He should know -- everybody knows -- that if this plan is put on hold for any extended period of time -- or if we wait for a parking garage to be built -- the plan will die.
Ten years from now, fifteen years from now, some whiz kid new commissioner on the block will come along and say, let's have a meeting and see what we can do at the Cove.

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