Thursday, March 5, 2009

Heads Up to those who don't want an Ethics Code

Broward Commissioners Warned To Be Honest

This post by Buddy Nevins starts out giving a heads up to the County, but it has ramifications for city officials also, Buddy starts out this way:

Broward County commissioners have been warned: Be honest.
Or the feds might throw you in jail for up to 20 years!
In a startling three-page memo from County Attorney Jeff Newton, commissioners were told in writing how to avoid being snared by a wide ranging federal corruption law.
It has come to this, folks.

Broward government is so shady that commissioners need advice on how to be ethical....

Further on down in the article he posts:

“As construed in recent cases, when a political official uses his/her office for personal gain, he or she deprives his/her constituents of their right to have him/her perform his/her officials duties in their best interest.

“Public officials inherently owe a fiduciary duty to the public to make government decisions in the public’s best interest.

“If the official instead secretly makes a decision based on his/her own personal interests, as when an official accepts a bribe or personally benefits from an undisclosed conflict of interest, the official has deprived the public of his/her honest service.”

"(My (Buddy's)underlining)


Under this law, government officials from all over Broward could be jailed."

Click on the title link for the rest of the article, well worth the read for any of us, a MUST read for elected officials.

Some of the comments posted after the article have the FBI roaming the County Commission halls.

Looks as if Pam's Ethics Code is a VERY GOOD idea after all.

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