Thursday, March 19, 2009

Cleveland Vindicated

For Deerfield Beach Mayoral Candidate, Vindication Served Cold
By Thomas Francis in Broward, Politics
Thursday, Mar. 19 2009 @ 10:33AM

Goff convicted; for those who thought losing his house meant he was a bad business manager, Don Cleveland gets the last, albeit bitter, laugh. Below excerpts; read the rest at Tom Francis' blog. Alabama jury had declared Goff guilty of precisely the same kind of fraud Cleveland describes happened to him...

...On the campaign trail, Cleveland explained that the foreclosure was the result of his being victimized in an embezzlement scheme. John W. Goff, says Cleveland, lied about how he was handling money -- a Ponzie scheme with insurance rather than investments. The con cost Cleveland his $22,000-per-month income, which he relied upon to pay his mortgage.Cleveland thinks he was portrayed as a bad businessman, when he ought to have been treated in a fashion similar to those who lost their fortunes to Madoff: a conscientious person with the misfortune of crossing paths with a diabolical mastermind...

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