Friday, March 6, 2009

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As long as Deerfield’s (Hmmm, how did Tom Francis put it, oh, yeah)
“thinly veiled propaganda rag” the Observer is doing its “Candidate Pros and Cons” I thought I might put in a couple of things they left out.

Clueless Joe Miller – District 1

He lives in Deerfield Beach.

(The way I hear it, the Chamber and Eller couldn’t get any of their cronies to run for office so they talked poor Clueless into being their puppet.)

Miller has never, in all the years he was debugging Deerfield, showed a scintilla of interest in City Hall goings on.

He never, never ever attended any commission meetings before he started running.

Never came out to protest the giant restaurant on the pier,

never walked the streets trying to get signatures for the referendum to reinstate the building codes dumped by Capellini and Noland’s commission;

never served on any city board;

never protested turning the green spaces of Crystal Lake golf course into a housing development;

never attended any of the District 1 meetings to decide how to upgrade the Cove Shopping Center, and still doesn’t know what the plans are;

never protested against turning the main beach parking lot into a private hotel/shopping center.

His reason for running, I guess he is bored; his sons are going to take over his business.

He is so clueless that he came to the last commission meeting (yes, I know he is unfamiliar with the format, after all it is new to him) to stand up and protest against the ethics code and call for a public hearing.

Yes, this was the public hearing on the ethics code, said right there in the agenda,
PUBLIC HEARING – 2nd READING. Complained it was being rushed through and he had no time to read it, the first draft was presented in January. I know some people are slow readers, but…

Pam Militello – District 1

As commissioner for 4 years she has brought a breath of fresh air to the commission. She knows what needs to be done and how to do it.

As this is a 2 year term, caused by Pam's introduction of Term Limits and staggered terms, we need her expertise to carry out what she has started.

Pam instated a practice of having District meetings after 12 years of no meetings by Peggy Noland, (topped off by 1 meeting held just before elections).

Pam introduced a meaningful code of ethics.

Pam initiated 4 charter amendments.

Pam has proven business leadership and experience.

Pam spearheaded, finalized and got approved the Cove Shopping Center Plan.

Pam seeks resident feedback for all issues.

Pam fought against turning Crystal Lake golf course into a housing project.

Pam is known for open communication with residents, and is easily available to residents.

Before becoming commissioner, while holding a full time job, Pam attended almost every commission meeting.

Pam helped fight turning the main beach parking lot into a private shopping center.

Pam protested against the giant pier restaurant.

Pam walked the streets getting signatures for the referenda.

Brought up a code of ethics early in her term and was unable to convince her other commission members that one was necessary, this was before 2 of them were indicted.

And, during some of last year, after holding District and special issue meetings and Cove Shopping Center meetings, let a few extra projects fall to the wayside as her husband was dying of cancer and her grandson died.

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