Friday, February 13, 2009

Why Blog?

During this election campaign, I get disturbed about stolen yard signs, groan in resignation when hearing that candidates are misdirected and given the wrong time to appear at meetings, shrug off and say what can you expect, given the source, when designated representatives for a candidate are cold shouldered by the Chamber, and shake my head in amazement that people are still considering voting for our indicted ex-mayor.

BUT, now I am MAD, and I WON’T TAKE IT ANY MORE!!!!

People who steal yard signs are committing a crime.

The Deerfield Chamber of Commerce wishes it was in Boca Raton, but barring that it wants Deerfield Beach to be “Boca South”. Never mind that the residents don’t.

Some people want to believe the best of others and will fall for a schmoozer.

BUT, when the local newspaper prints only letters to the editor written by the Publisher’s cronies, that tears it.

This Blog will print the “Letters that the Observer Won’t”, and other information and opinion that you may not get anywhere else.

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