Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What a contribution is

Volunteers may contribute their services without such service being considered either a contribution or an in-kind donation. A lawyer, an accountant, an artist, a musician, a designer, or any individual may contribute their services to a candidate free of charge without it being considered a contribution.

From the Florida Elections WebSite:

A contribution is:

1. A gift, subscription, conveyance, deposit, loan, payment or distribution of money or anything of value made for the purpose of influencing the results of an election or making an electioneer-ing communication. These include contributions in-kind, having an attributable monetary value in any form;
2. A transfer of funds between political committees, between committees of continuous exis-tence, or between a political committee and a committee of continuous existence;
3. The payment, by any person other than a candidate, of compensation for the personal services of another person which are rendered to a candidate without charge to the candidate for such services; or
4. The transfer of funds by a campaign treasurer or deputy campaign treasurer between a primary depository and a separate interest-bearing account or certificate of deposit. The term includes any interest earned on such account or certificate.

The exceptions are:
1. Services provided without compensation by individuals volunteering a portion or all of their time on behalf of a candidate including, but not limited to, legal and accounting services;

(Section 106.011(3), F.S.)

In-Kind Contributions
In-kind contributions are anything of value made for the purpose of influencing the results of an election.

The exceptions are:
2. Personal services provided without compensation by individual volunteers;

(Section 106.011, F.S.)

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