Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Observer Forum Disgusting!

First the audience started to walk out, then one by one half of the candidates walked out. Eller’s pet pit bull William Bucknam’s questions were so insulting, and blatantly biased that good people, who were there innocently to find out a candidate’s position on city issues were offended. And well they might be. Eller commented, when I said that the evening was disgusting, “Well, maybe it did go a little too far.” The understatement of the century.

Tonight, the candidates FINALLY felt the wrath OSOB has felt for the past 10 years. Peggy finally knows how it feels to have people lie and hurl falsehoods at you. We have been enduring Larry Deetjen/Jack Disher antics of virtually spitting in our faces for years. WE have the battle scars and we continue to rise above this and continue to do what is right and honorable for the PEOPLE.

David Eller is a piece of crap and I have told his editor, David Volz this on more than one occasion. Tonight, many saw what we have known for many years. At last we are vindicated. The Observer & the chamber are appalling.


  1. Did Larry Deetjen and Jack Disher actually spit in your face? Your written word is going to get you in trouble. Besides, Lary Deetjen has been gone for over two years and you still can't get over him. What has Jack Disher ever done to the OSOB? Put up or shut up.

    Maybe you have a quarrel with the Observer for the Debate Debacle, but where does the chamber enter into this arguement?

  2. Late night, I meant to write virtually, but I stand by the rest. The damage done lingers for years.