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Letters the Observer Won't Run

Even during Judy Wilson’s (Darth Wilson as one blogger calls her) term as editor of the Observer she ran letters to the editor which opposed the candidates she favored. She often cut them or ran snippy comments after them, but she ran them.

Publisher and Observer owner Eller is supporting certain candidates, so now the letters to the editor from his “opposition” are not even being run; even when holding to his restrictive “rules”.

Seems “editor” David Volz either agrees with muzzling free speech or is under orders.

The newest not published, look for it in the Forum:
To the Editor:
One thing that the former editors understood was that the readership rose dramatically when opposing letters were published. People all over town were heard to say, “Did you see what (name) said in the Observer this week?” Now the papers lie in the driveways molding in their little blue wrappers, littering the driveways.
The Cove Shopping Center parking area is owned by the City and is located in the Community Redevelopment Area (CRA). There is no additional tax burden imposed on local residents for improvements to this public property. Improvements are paid from the CRA Funds that otherwise would have gone to the county.

After many public meetings and discussions, Phase 1 improvements were approved and have been adopted by the Commission. Commissioner Pam Militello spearheaded this project and input from residents and businesses was included.. Past mayors and commissions said this would likely never happen. Well, it has happened and I say, "Pam, job well done!"

This is a true Economic Stimulus Bill created and adopted right here in our city. In simple words, it will save jobs and create jobs at a time when small business owners across America are facing, hard economic times. In fact a new seafood restaurant is now renovating space for an exciting addition in the Cove and some businesses have or are planning to update facades. Residents will want to patronize these local businesses so they will prosper.

Marti Mc Geary

An example, this letter was refused and the week after, the Observer printed a definition of what would be acceptable in a letter.

To the Editor:
Commissioner Pam Militello is what is best in elected officials. She spent four years working as Commissioner for the residents of District 1 and the city. This has been a turbulent time in Deerfield Beach. A city manager, Larry Detjen, abused power and finally left in disgrace, fire chief Gary Lother, resigned after an over 90 percent vote of no confidence by the firefighters, Mayor Al Capellini, was arrested, refused to resign and was suspended by the Florida governor, and Commissioner Steve Gonot, was arrested and has resigned.

From long before she was elected through her time in office in 2005 Pam worked to stop the abuses of overdevelopment. Commissioner Pam Militello is a breath of fresh air in Deerfield Beach government. As a commissioner, she judges issues on the merits, not politics. She practices open government and has held a number of District meetings.

Commissioner Pam Militello tackled long existing problems involving the Cove Shopping Center. For years residents have complained about the Cove Shopping center and were repeatedly told by many that it was impossible to do anything as there were too many owners.

But Commissioner Pam Militello got it done, she had frequent meetings with residents and business owners and city administrators and crafted a plan by which each stakeholder would benefit. Eventually the Cove will be the gateway gem it should be. The project is now out to bid and should start soon.

Commissioner Militello championed the passage of important protections for residents: A Charter Amendment which protects residents from eminent domain for private development, and another protecting our quality of life by only having land use changes with a super-majority Commission 4/5 vote.

With her experience as a member of the Commission to draw on, and by reviewing many existing Codes of Ethics, Commissioner Militello developed a model proposed Code of Ethics for the Commission which was submitted to the City and which she will officially present at the February 3rd commission meeting.

In this upcoming election, her term is for 2 years rather than 4 years, setting the stage for the staggered term limits she introduced as a change wanted by the voters.

She is running against a candidate who until recently never attended a Commission meeting, who was never on any Boards or Committees, and who was never involved in any issues involving the City.

Since the District 1 election is for a shortened term of only 2 years, the City needs Commissioner Militello's knowledge and experience.

A shortened version of the letter about Pam and not naming other names was sent in and also not published.

A response to an editorial was refused:

Dear Editor:
Observer's publisher attacked Commissioner Militello last week because attorney Tom Connick supports her.

As one of many of Pam's supporters, who is Tom Connick?

Tom's law office has been in Deerfield Beach for over 26 years. Tom is a Vietnam veteran, being awarded the Combat Infantryman's Badge, Bronze Star, Vietnam Campaign Metal, Vietnam Service Metal, Army Commendation Metal and National Defense Service Metal.

For years, Tom has selflessly devoted himself to the betterment of Deerfield Beach, serving for 11 years as Chairman of the Deerfield Beach Housing Authority, being the attorney who wrote three Charter Amendments to protect our City that were overwhelmingly approved by the voters, representing OSOB, fighting to preserve the green space of Tam O'Shanter and Deerfield Beach Golf Course against developers, fighting the bad Boinis pier deal and overdevelopment.

Most recently, he has been working for free with Commissioner Militello and the City Attorney to craft a meaningful Code of Ethics.

Tom was awarded the President's Award for Pro Bono services by the Florida Bar for providing legal services to the poor.

Tom is a valuable part of the Deerfield Community in protecting our rights, and Tom supports Commissioner Militello because Pam selflessly protects our rights.

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