Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:
In the interest of fair play and to try for a clean campaign, I submit the following information regarding Donald Cleveland and his candidacy for mayor. The twisting of facts to discredit opponents in the current campaign underscores the unethical mentality that has besmirched our city for years.

SUBSTANTIATED FACTS: A search of mayoral candidate Donald Cleveland’s background shows that he is a licensed property and casualty insurance broker holding a resident license in Florida and several other states.

To be licensed in Florida, he was fingerprinted and had his background checked for any criminal activity.

In addition, a full record of Mr. Cleveland’s conduct, which indicates NO bankruptcy, no fraud, no embezzlement or wrong-doing of any kind, is also kept in a registry that is maintained by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. Those wishing to verify the information may contact the Florida Division of Insurance at 877-693-5236.

Cleveland is an agent of record by several highly rated insurance companies; none of which would grant or maintain licensing to Mr. Cleveland if he had any record of a bankruptcy in his background.

CLEVELAND WAS THE VICTIM — NOT THE PERPETRATOR OF FRAUD; Cleveland filed a suit against an administrator of an Alabama based insurance organization who embezzled $1.5 million from Cleveland. Cleveland’s loss of income caused him to lose his home through foreclosure, but he NEVER FILED FOR BANKRUPTCY even though he never recovered his money.

Following Cleveland’s civil suit, the State of Alabama brought charges of several hundred counts of fraud against the administrator. This is public record.

Linking buzzwords such as embezzlement, fraud and bankruptcy with a candidate’s name gives the impression that the candidate is guilty, it is an old hardcore political trick spawned in desperation by unimaginative, unethical, political hacks who will use any means to win.

David Cohen

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