Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Gossip abounds

Some people just love to take a little bit of information and draw it out to a ridiculous conclusion. Get it straight - the OSOB, inc. is non-political, and cannot support any candidate, it is an information and education committee, the OSOB, PAC is set up to support ballot issues, ISSUES, not candidates.

Individual OSOB members can support whomever they like, and campaign for them, but there is no endorsement as a group. But people still opine.

First the gossips spread the rumor that the OSOBs were backing Cleveland because they invited him to a coffee. Yes, a group of people who are in the OSOB did that. Then they invited Peterson to a coffee and everyone got confused. Why only 2 coffees, maybe because they are the only new candidates, gee, what a concept, DUH!

Not everyone in the OSOB committees are for the same candidate.

Now gossip has it that 2 OSOBers were seen on Peterson’s Bus, WOW, what does that mean? Well, it means that 2 tired people late in the evening, after dinner, were walking and looking for the city shuttle bus to get back to their car and when offered, took a ride from the big blue bus because they were tired and it was a hot night. What a news item, juicy gossip.

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