Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ethics Code, a no brainer.

Below is a short outline version of the proposed Deerfield Beach Ethics Code, I challenge anyone to tell me what is in it that anyone could object to or how signing it would be a problem for a commissioner or the city manager. If it is a problem for them, they should resign.
The Sun Sentinel has the complete code posted at

Yet, two commissioners voted no on a first reading, knowing that it would be back for discussion, alteration and a public hearing.

The Essence of the Deerfield Beach Ethics Code For Commissioners and the City Manager only:
• May not use their office for personal financial benefit.
• May not use their office to influence compensation or benefits such as pension.
• Shall not have any interest or business which is in conflict with duties.
• Shall not solicit or accept anything of value from anyone coming before or doing business with the city.
• Shall not use their position to gain privileges, advantages or exemptions not generally available to the public.
• Shall not sexually harass, date, have sexual relations, or a romantic relationship with an employee of the city.
• They or a partner shall not represent any other person or entity before the city, except without compensation or for themselves.
• When appearing before any public body, must disclose if as a private citizen or an officer of the city.
• Shall not promise an appointment as a reward for political support etc.
• For 2 years after serving shall not represent others before the city except as a volunteer.
• Must file a form if there is a conflict of interest, even if not voting.

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