Monday, February 16, 2009

Deerfield must have 2 mayors

According to mailings and recent ads we have 2 mayors. Sylvia Poitier is Mayor of Deerfield Beach, but you would not know it when reading Eller’s Observer. Indicted EX-mayor, Al Capellini has a full page ad for “Mayor” Capellini.

I am pretty sure it is not legit to bill yourself as mayor if you have been suspended by the Governor of the State and another person is sitting at meetings in your chair.

Another piece of campaign literature has the voters being exhorted to “re-elect our mayor”. Pretty sure he shouldn’t be doing that either, pretty sure you have to BE mayor to be RE-elected.

But what do you expect; after all, he didn’t have the grace to resign when indicted. If he gets elected and is still under indictment, he can’t serve and will cost the city a bundle of bucks to have another election.

He obviously doesn’t care for the city now any more than he did when he approved those empty road-crowding condos on the beach and A1A, on the night that 75% of the city voted against that kind of over development. Yes he knew, no he didn’t care, he still doesn’t.

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