Monday, February 23, 2009

Cove Residents Dissed

It seems Janyce Becker at the Chamber of Commerce doesn’t like what is happening at the Cove Shopping Center.

She must want the pre-real-estate-crash plan that had all the little shops being torn down, a big parking garage and a 72’ condo tower, to make it look like Boca Raton, as she said she wanted; the plan that residents rejected, the plan that the owners rejected, the plan that the businesses rejected.

Janyce had her chance to convince people to support her plan, she attended the first meeting, but the residents literally shouted her down.

Now, she and her cronies including Joe Miller are bad mouthing the plan. Let’s get this straight. No one in the city, including the Chamber princess could get the over 15 owners and area resi-dents to agree on anything before Commissioner Pam Militello started the process 3 or 4 years ago. They tried, sort of, a lot of talk, no action.

And, no one could get the city to upgrade the city owned parking lot for the businesses, until Pam.

Then, after years of meetings, plans, revisions of plans, revisions of revisions, a plan was adopted. A plan that will use funds already in the CRA (Community Redevelopment Area) account, funds which must be used to upgrade the CRA district only. The upgrades will not cost any extra taxes.

The plan will start with landscaping and renovating the parking lot, there will be NO loss of parking spaces, it will add a monument sign to the front entry and will have available matching funds for façade improvements. All of which will be in the colorful Key West architectural style.

Only if you think you are smarter than the residents of the area, and if you think you know what is better for the area than the people who live and work there (or if you are greedily thinking you can make money or political hay out of it) could you not love this plan. This plan evolved from true democracy in action.

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