Saturday, February 28, 2009

Clueless Joe

Joe Miller, a Protestant, has taken to dropping in on St. Ambrose’s Catholic services. So much church has not made him a kinder gentler person. (I heard that Father Dalton introduced him to the church goers and said to vote for him. Won't his Bishop be surprised when they yank his tax-exempt status for politicking.)

Miller's nasty comments about the OSOBs and the renovation of the Cove Shopping Center at the Christian Love Church’s forum Thursday got a justified reaction from Commissioner Pam Militello.

She went at him, and said something like: Where were you when the Pier was threatened by Boinis giant restaurant? Where were you when the former city commissioners took away the city beach building codes and the OSOBs walked the streets getting signatures to restore them, where were you when the meetings on the Cove were held? Where was your input, your ideas? Nowhere! You weren’t there. You live on the same street as I, yet you did nothing to protect the beach. You had no interest in what is happening in the city at all.

Pam is right; Miller was drafted into running by some special interest individuals (See Bob Norman’s article below) who are, I am sure, eager to dump the building codes again, he is also very cozy with Janyce, I wish I lived in Boca, Becker who never saw an over-development she didn’t like. She was in LOVE with Boinis monstrous pier proposal which even Capellini now says was too big.

Miller’s bright idea to float a bond issue (sure it would raise your taxes) for a parking garage at the Cove fell on deaf ears. His main beef is that there is not enough parking on Friday nights at the Cove for him to park near his favorite restaurant, so that makes the plan flawed. The plan that the residents of the Cove area, the owners and business people and other District 1 residents who attended the many meetings and revised the plan (remember Miller was not at even one of the meetings) voted on and embraced. I am sure Miller hasn’t a clue that Phase 2 of the plan has a garage plan. It will be initiated when money is available. That is not the only thing he is clueless about.

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