Sunday, February 22, 2009

Another Letter not Printed by the Observer

To the Editor:

The campaigning in Deerfield Beach has become particularly vicious with the stealing of election signs.

Note to campaign sign thieves:

You are not helping your candidate when you steal his/her opponent’s sign from people’s yards. You make your candidate look unethical and create rumors about how he/she condones such behavior.

This is disturbing on many levels. When a person yanks the sign out of a neighbor’s yard, they steal it, it is much more than petty theft and trespassing, it is un-American.

The signs are costly, most candidates only have a limited number so taking them amounts to an infringement of free speech; it affects the political process and does everyone a disservice. This goes way beyond juvenile mischief; it is adults hoping to change the election outcome.

Theft or vandalism of campaign signs carries criminal and civil charges. A civil conviction carries a fine; criminal charges could include theft or criminal mischief. I urge anyone with information on who is damaging or stealing political signs in the area to call the police and press charges.
Bett Willett

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