Saturday, February 28, 2009

Clueless Joe

Joe Miller, a Protestant, has taken to dropping in on St. Ambrose’s Catholic services. So much church has not made him a kinder gentler person. (I heard that Father Dalton introduced him to the church goers and said to vote for him. Won't his Bishop be surprised when they yank his tax-exempt status for politicking.)

Miller's nasty comments about the OSOBs and the renovation of the Cove Shopping Center at the Christian Love Church’s forum Thursday got a justified reaction from Commissioner Pam Militello.

She went at him, and said something like: Where were you when the Pier was threatened by Boinis giant restaurant? Where were you when the former city commissioners took away the city beach building codes and the OSOBs walked the streets getting signatures to restore them, where were you when the meetings on the Cove were held? Where was your input, your ideas? Nowhere! You weren’t there. You live on the same street as I, yet you did nothing to protect the beach. You had no interest in what is happening in the city at all.

Pam is right; Miller was drafted into running by some special interest individuals (See Bob Norman’s article below) who are, I am sure, eager to dump the building codes again, he is also very cozy with Janyce, I wish I lived in Boca, Becker who never saw an over-development she didn’t like. She was in LOVE with Boinis monstrous pier proposal which even Capellini now says was too big.

Miller’s bright idea to float a bond issue (sure it would raise your taxes) for a parking garage at the Cove fell on deaf ears. His main beef is that there is not enough parking on Friday nights at the Cove for him to park near his favorite restaurant, so that makes the plan flawed. The plan that the residents of the Cove area, the owners and business people and other District 1 residents who attended the many meetings and revised the plan (remember Miller was not at even one of the meetings) voted on and embraced. I am sure Miller hasn’t a clue that Phase 2 of the plan has a garage plan. It will be initiated when money is available. That is not the only thing he is clueless about.

Norman Calls Bucknam an Absolute hack/Idiot,
Capellini's Cronies Expose, um, Themselves
By Bob Norman
Wednesday, Feb. 25 2009 @ 7:20AM
It appears that Capellini's Cronies are undoing themselves at a remarkable rate.

First it was disgraced former Deerfield Beach Mayor Al Capellini's Republican brethren. At a recent meeting they fawned over Capellini, who was removed from office by Charlie Crist after the State Attorney's Office charged with a felony corruption count in December. Rico Petrocelli called him his paisan -- which is very funny considering that Rico has been found to have diverted money from of the Plantation Athletic League (PAL). Two peas in a pod there.

Broward GOP chairman Chip LaMarca made a similar ass out of himself, saying that Capellini is guilty only of an "ethics violation." Even under Chip's flawed and slimy logic, he's saying that ethics don't matter, which is an interesting declaration coming from a party chief. F. Scott Fitzgerald used to write about "moral bankruptcy" -- it's safe to say that Capellini, Petrocelli, and LaMarca are ethically bankrupt.

But the GOP meeting was nothing compared to the mayoral forum held last night by Deerfield's joke of a community newspaper, the Observer. Publisher David Eller, another GOPer known for shady deals involving Jeb Bush, loves him some Capellini. It was Eller's attorney, the absolute hack William Bucknam, who moderated -- or, rather, radicalized -- the thing. Bucknam has been cheerleading for the corrupt Capellini ever since the arrest, trying to find technicalities to make the case go away. IIt ended with a much-justified walkout by candidates Jean Robb and Peggy Noland and mostly elderly folks in the audience yelling at Bucknam that he was a disgrace.

The only reporter on the scene was NT's own Thomas Francis and you can read his detailed account of the debacle here. Bucknam pilloried every candidate but Capellini, who he coddled. The idiot didn't even bring up the corruption charge, but the ex-mayor weighed in on the topic himself.

"We have to stop the corruption in the city, and they're pointing at me," Capellini said. "What corruption? Who's pinched? Who's been caught? Who has taken any money?"

The answer is you, Al. You've been pinched. You've been caught. And you've taken money. The funny thing is that the single felony charge is only the tip of the iceberg. Just read this this and this. (Go to Norman's site for the links) People aren't even talking about Capellini's work for former drug kingpin Sam Frontera.

How absurd. Before these two meetings, I thought voters might actually buy this B.S. But now I'm pretty sure Eller, Bucknam, Chris Tauber, LaMarca, Petrocelli and all the other Capellini Cronies have lost any credibility they may have ever had. And all we had to do was listen.

Friday, February 27, 2009

No apology from Eller and Bucknam

I play a little black jack from time to time, but I am not really a betting person, however if someone wanted to bet me that the Observer would run an article about Bucknam’s disgraceful per-formance at the Observer Capellini love fest I would have bet big time against it. Amazingly, editor Volz actually acknowledged that there was some dissent. I would have lost the bet, but just barely, Volz mentioned that some sparks began to fly and blew it off in three paragraphs.

If you really want to read about this mockery of a forum, go here:
[UPDATED] An Off Night for Democracy,
By Thomas Francis
Francis of the Broward-Palm Beach New Times calls his article, “the story of the craziest god-damned candidates’ forum I've ever seen.”

I went looking in the Observer for an apology from Eller, after all he did say to me that it might have been a little over the top, or something like that. Jim Lutz, the VP of the paper said he would never take part in anything that Bucknam had anything to do with again, and I heard that the young tech-ie/video woman quit her job on the spot. So, I looked for the mea culpa.

Wasn’t there, nope, the best we got was Eller distancing himself from Bucknam, putting the blame for the trash questions squarely on “the moderator”. Uh, uh, not me, it was him, don’t blame me; and then saying that SOME might disagree with SOME of the questions and trying to weasel out of it by saying tough times call for tough questions. No argument, they do, but not offensive, questions, not insulting questions, not rude questions, not questions that have NOTHING to do with the election, but are damn near slander.

They’d best be on the watch for lightning striking from on high.

Proverbs 6:16-19 "These six [things] doth the LORD hate: yea, seven [are] an abomination unto him: A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief, A false witness [that] speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren. "

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Observer Forum Disgusting!

First the audience started to walk out, then one by one half of the candidates walked out. Eller’s pet pit bull William Bucknam’s questions were so insulting, and blatantly biased that good people, who were there innocently to find out a candidate’s position on city issues were offended. And well they might be. Eller commented, when I said that the evening was disgusting, “Well, maybe it did go a little too far.” The understatement of the century.

Tonight, the candidates FINALLY felt the wrath OSOB has felt for the past 10 years. Peggy finally knows how it feels to have people lie and hurl falsehoods at you. We have been enduring Larry Deetjen/Jack Disher antics of virtually spitting in our faces for years. WE have the battle scars and we continue to rise above this and continue to do what is right and honorable for the PEOPLE.

David Eller is a piece of crap and I have told his editor, David Volz this on more than one occasion. Tonight, many saw what we have known for many years. At last we are vindicated. The Observer & the chamber are appalling.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Cove Residents Dissed

It seems Janyce Becker at the Chamber of Commerce doesn’t like what is happening at the Cove Shopping Center.

She must want the pre-real-estate-crash plan that had all the little shops being torn down, a big parking garage and a 72’ condo tower, to make it look like Boca Raton, as she said she wanted; the plan that residents rejected, the plan that the owners rejected, the plan that the businesses rejected.

Janyce had her chance to convince people to support her plan, she attended the first meeting, but the residents literally shouted her down.

Now, she and her cronies including Joe Miller are bad mouthing the plan. Let’s get this straight. No one in the city, including the Chamber princess could get the over 15 owners and area resi-dents to agree on anything before Commissioner Pam Militello started the process 3 or 4 years ago. They tried, sort of, a lot of talk, no action.

And, no one could get the city to upgrade the city owned parking lot for the businesses, until Pam.

Then, after years of meetings, plans, revisions of plans, revisions of revisions, a plan was adopted. A plan that will use funds already in the CRA (Community Redevelopment Area) account, funds which must be used to upgrade the CRA district only. The upgrades will not cost any extra taxes.

The plan will start with landscaping and renovating the parking lot, there will be NO loss of parking spaces, it will add a monument sign to the front entry and will have available matching funds for fa├žade improvements. All of which will be in the colorful Key West architectural style.

Only if you think you are smarter than the residents of the area, and if you think you know what is better for the area than the people who live and work there (or if you are greedily thinking you can make money or political hay out of it) could you not love this plan. This plan evolved from true democracy in action.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Another Letter not Printed by the Observer

To the Editor:

The campaigning in Deerfield Beach has become particularly vicious with the stealing of election signs.

Note to campaign sign thieves:

You are not helping your candidate when you steal his/her opponent’s sign from people’s yards. You make your candidate look unethical and create rumors about how he/she condones such behavior.

This is disturbing on many levels. When a person yanks the sign out of a neighbor’s yard, they steal it, it is much more than petty theft and trespassing, it is un-American.

The signs are costly, most candidates only have a limited number so taking them amounts to an infringement of free speech; it affects the political process and does everyone a disservice. This goes way beyond juvenile mischief; it is adults hoping to change the election outcome.

Theft or vandalism of campaign signs carries criminal and civil charges. A civil conviction carries a fine; criminal charges could include theft or criminal mischief. I urge anyone with information on who is damaging or stealing political signs in the area to call the police and press charges.
Bett Willett

Friday, February 20, 2009

Noland and Pals running scared.

Heard on the grape vine, Peggy Noland is accusing Pam Militello of not being available to residents. WHAT A JOKE!!! Pam is the commissioner who has made being available her trademark. Pam is always available and responsive by phone, email and held numerous District 1 and special issue meetings. Pam, who did what everyone said was impossible, facilitated the renewal of the Cove Shopping center. This accusation, coming from Noland, who held one district meeting in 12 years, and only returned phone calls to her cronies, really smacks of sour grapes.

OSOB Forum a Big Success

Thursday’s Original Save Our Beach mayoral candidate forum was a standing room only success. The format where all candidates were asked the same questions in rotating order went over very well with the crowd. Unlike the Observer show, the audience was encouraged to submit questions, and asked some tough ones. A meet and greet followed.

Suspended again?

I guess he thought he could get away with it, but a complaint to Broward's Fair Campaign Practices Committee seems to have put a stop to Al Capellini’s campaign ads stating that he is mayor and to re-elect him. When he was suspended and Sylvia Poitier appointed Mayor, he lost the right to the appellation "Mayor". Committee Chairman Roy Rogers received the following email from Capellini:

From: Albert Capellini
Sent: Thursday, February 19, 2009 10:35 AM
To: Roy Rogers
Subject: FW: Stop the press Attention Marty Harris Urgent Delivery
Here is the notice to stop printing and mailing literature as per our conversation. We will revise as discussed

Al Capellini

From: Albert Capellini
Sent: Thursday, February 19, 2009 10:26 AM
To: ''
Subject: Stop the press Attention Marty Harris Urgent Delivery

Marty Harris

This morning we have been trying to contact you to stop the printing and distribution of the documents submitted.

Today, I will forward revised documents to you with proper content and organization to meet the necessary requirements. Hopefully, nothing has been distributed as yet.

Please call me as soon as possible to confirm this directive. Thank you for your help.

Albert R. Capellini, PE

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ethics Code, a no brainer.

Below is a short outline version of the proposed Deerfield Beach Ethics Code, I challenge anyone to tell me what is in it that anyone could object to or how signing it would be a problem for a commissioner or the city manager. If it is a problem for them, they should resign.
The Sun Sentinel has the complete code posted at

Yet, two commissioners voted no on a first reading, knowing that it would be back for discussion, alteration and a public hearing.

The Essence of the Deerfield Beach Ethics Code For Commissioners and the City Manager only:
• May not use their office for personal financial benefit.
• May not use their office to influence compensation or benefits such as pension.
• Shall not have any interest or business which is in conflict with duties.
• Shall not solicit or accept anything of value from anyone coming before or doing business with the city.
• Shall not use their position to gain privileges, advantages or exemptions not generally available to the public.
• Shall not sexually harass, date, have sexual relations, or a romantic relationship with an employee of the city.
• They or a partner shall not represent any other person or entity before the city, except without compensation or for themselves.
• When appearing before any public body, must disclose if as a private citizen or an officer of the city.
• Shall not promise an appointment as a reward for political support etc.
• For 2 years after serving shall not represent others before the city except as a volunteer.
• Must file a form if there is a conflict of interest, even if not voting.

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:
In the interest of fair play and to try for a clean campaign, I submit the following information regarding Donald Cleveland and his candidacy for mayor. The twisting of facts to discredit opponents in the current campaign underscores the unethical mentality that has besmirched our city for years.

SUBSTANTIATED FACTS: A search of mayoral candidate Donald Cleveland’s background shows that he is a licensed property and casualty insurance broker holding a resident license in Florida and several other states.

To be licensed in Florida, he was fingerprinted and had his background checked for any criminal activity.

In addition, a full record of Mr. Cleveland’s conduct, which indicates NO bankruptcy, no fraud, no embezzlement or wrong-doing of any kind, is also kept in a registry that is maintained by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. Those wishing to verify the information may contact the Florida Division of Insurance at 877-693-5236.

Cleveland is an agent of record by several highly rated insurance companies; none of which would grant or maintain licensing to Mr. Cleveland if he had any record of a bankruptcy in his background.

CLEVELAND WAS THE VICTIM — NOT THE PERPETRATOR OF FRAUD; Cleveland filed a suit against an administrator of an Alabama based insurance organization who embezzled $1.5 million from Cleveland. Cleveland’s loss of income caused him to lose his home through foreclosure, but he NEVER FILED FOR BANKRUPTCY even though he never recovered his money.

Following Cleveland’s civil suit, the State of Alabama brought charges of several hundred counts of fraud against the administrator. This is public record.

Linking buzzwords such as embezzlement, fraud and bankruptcy with a candidate’s name gives the impression that the candidate is guilty, it is an old hardcore political trick spawned in desperation by unimaginative, unethical, political hacks who will use any means to win.

David Cohen

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Gossip abounds

Some people just love to take a little bit of information and draw it out to a ridiculous conclusion. Get it straight - the OSOB, inc. is non-political, and cannot support any candidate, it is an information and education committee, the OSOB, PAC is set up to support ballot issues, ISSUES, not candidates.

Individual OSOB members can support whomever they like, and campaign for them, but there is no endorsement as a group. But people still opine.

First the gossips spread the rumor that the OSOBs were backing Cleveland because they invited him to a coffee. Yes, a group of people who are in the OSOB did that. Then they invited Peterson to a coffee and everyone got confused. Why only 2 coffees, maybe because they are the only new candidates, gee, what a concept, DUH!

Not everyone in the OSOB committees are for the same candidate.

Now gossip has it that 2 OSOBers were seen on Peterson’s Bus, WOW, what does that mean? Well, it means that 2 tired people late in the evening, after dinner, were walking and looking for the city shuttle bus to get back to their car and when offered, took a ride from the big blue bus because they were tired and it was a hot night. What a news item, juicy gossip.

What a travesty!

The Observer candidates’ forum was as much a joke as their newspaper. And conveniently, the sound on the live TV feed and, I assume, the tape was inaudible, that way they don’t have to run it on their website. It is such an embarrassment that except for their little cabal, everyone who saw it said they couldn’t believe how much favoritism the questions and the moderator showed. Insulting is the nicest thing that could be said about the moderator.

The Observer Newspaper should drop “news” from its name. It is not reporting news. It was bad before, but now it is so biased that even the so called news articles are nothing but Eller’s personal rants slanted to his handpicked candidates.

What a contribution is

Volunteers may contribute their services without such service being considered either a contribution or an in-kind donation. A lawyer, an accountant, an artist, a musician, a designer, or any individual may contribute their services to a candidate free of charge without it being considered a contribution.

From the Florida Elections WebSite:

A contribution is:

1. A gift, subscription, conveyance, deposit, loan, payment or distribution of money or anything of value made for the purpose of influencing the results of an election or making an electioneer-ing communication. These include contributions in-kind, having an attributable monetary value in any form;
2. A transfer of funds between political committees, between committees of continuous exis-tence, or between a political committee and a committee of continuous existence;
3. The payment, by any person other than a candidate, of compensation for the personal services of another person which are rendered to a candidate without charge to the candidate for such services; or
4. The transfer of funds by a campaign treasurer or deputy campaign treasurer between a primary depository and a separate interest-bearing account or certificate of deposit. The term includes any interest earned on such account or certificate.

The exceptions are:
1. Services provided without compensation by individuals volunteering a portion or all of their time on behalf of a candidate including, but not limited to, legal and accounting services;

(Section 106.011(3), F.S.)

In-Kind Contributions
In-kind contributions are anything of value made for the purpose of influencing the results of an election.

The exceptions are:
2. Personal services provided without compensation by individual volunteers;

(Section 106.011, F.S.)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Deerfield must have 2 mayors

According to mailings and recent ads we have 2 mayors. Sylvia Poitier is Mayor of Deerfield Beach, but you would not know it when reading Eller’s Observer. Indicted EX-mayor, Al Capellini has a full page ad for “Mayor” Capellini.

I am pretty sure it is not legit to bill yourself as mayor if you have been suspended by the Governor of the State and another person is sitting at meetings in your chair.

Another piece of campaign literature has the voters being exhorted to “re-elect our mayor”. Pretty sure he shouldn’t be doing that either, pretty sure you have to BE mayor to be RE-elected.

But what do you expect; after all, he didn’t have the grace to resign when indicted. If he gets elected and is still under indictment, he can’t serve and will cost the city a bundle of bucks to have another election.

He obviously doesn’t care for the city now any more than he did when he approved those empty road-crowding condos on the beach and A1A, on the night that 75% of the city voted against that kind of over development. Yes he knew, no he didn’t care, he still doesn’t.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Why Blog?

During this election campaign, I get disturbed about stolen yard signs, groan in resignation when hearing that candidates are misdirected and given the wrong time to appear at meetings, shrug off and say what can you expect, given the source, when designated representatives for a candidate are cold shouldered by the Chamber, and shake my head in amazement that people are still considering voting for our indicted ex-mayor.

BUT, now I am MAD, and I WON’T TAKE IT ANY MORE!!!!

People who steal yard signs are committing a crime.

The Deerfield Chamber of Commerce wishes it was in Boca Raton, but barring that it wants Deerfield Beach to be “Boca South”. Never mind that the residents don’t.

Some people want to believe the best of others and will fall for a schmoozer.

BUT, when the local newspaper prints only letters to the editor written by the Publisher’s cronies, that tears it.

This Blog will print the “Letters that the Observer Won’t”, and other information and opinion that you may not get anywhere else.

Letters the Observer Won't Run

Even during Judy Wilson’s (Darth Wilson as one blogger calls her) term as editor of the Observer she ran letters to the editor which opposed the candidates she favored. She often cut them or ran snippy comments after them, but she ran them.

Publisher and Observer owner Eller is supporting certain candidates, so now the letters to the editor from his “opposition” are not even being run; even when holding to his restrictive “rules”.

Seems “editor” David Volz either agrees with muzzling free speech or is under orders.

The newest not published, look for it in the Forum:
To the Editor:
One thing that the former editors understood was that the readership rose dramatically when opposing letters were published. People all over town were heard to say, “Did you see what (name) said in the Observer this week?” Now the papers lie in the driveways molding in their little blue wrappers, littering the driveways.
The Cove Shopping Center parking area is owned by the City and is located in the Community Redevelopment Area (CRA). There is no additional tax burden imposed on local residents for improvements to this public property. Improvements are paid from the CRA Funds that otherwise would have gone to the county.

After many public meetings and discussions, Phase 1 improvements were approved and have been adopted by the Commission. Commissioner Pam Militello spearheaded this project and input from residents and businesses was included.. Past mayors and commissions said this would likely never happen. Well, it has happened and I say, "Pam, job well done!"

This is a true Economic Stimulus Bill created and adopted right here in our city. In simple words, it will save jobs and create jobs at a time when small business owners across America are facing, hard economic times. In fact a new seafood restaurant is now renovating space for an exciting addition in the Cove and some businesses have or are planning to update facades. Residents will want to patronize these local businesses so they will prosper.

Marti Mc Geary

An example, this letter was refused and the week after, the Observer printed a definition of what would be acceptable in a letter.

To the Editor:
Commissioner Pam Militello is what is best in elected officials. She spent four years working as Commissioner for the residents of District 1 and the city. This has been a turbulent time in Deerfield Beach. A city manager, Larry Detjen, abused power and finally left in disgrace, fire chief Gary Lother, resigned after an over 90 percent vote of no confidence by the firefighters, Mayor Al Capellini, was arrested, refused to resign and was suspended by the Florida governor, and Commissioner Steve Gonot, was arrested and has resigned.

From long before she was elected through her time in office in 2005 Pam worked to stop the abuses of overdevelopment. Commissioner Pam Militello is a breath of fresh air in Deerfield Beach government. As a commissioner, she judges issues on the merits, not politics. She practices open government and has held a number of District meetings.

Commissioner Pam Militello tackled long existing problems involving the Cove Shopping Center. For years residents have complained about the Cove Shopping center and were repeatedly told by many that it was impossible to do anything as there were too many owners.

But Commissioner Pam Militello got it done, she had frequent meetings with residents and business owners and city administrators and crafted a plan by which each stakeholder would benefit. Eventually the Cove will be the gateway gem it should be. The project is now out to bid and should start soon.

Commissioner Militello championed the passage of important protections for residents: A Charter Amendment which protects residents from eminent domain for private development, and another protecting our quality of life by only having land use changes with a super-majority Commission 4/5 vote.

With her experience as a member of the Commission to draw on, and by reviewing many existing Codes of Ethics, Commissioner Militello developed a model proposed Code of Ethics for the Commission which was submitted to the City and which she will officially present at the February 3rd commission meeting.

In this upcoming election, her term is for 2 years rather than 4 years, setting the stage for the staggered term limits she introduced as a change wanted by the voters.

She is running against a candidate who until recently never attended a Commission meeting, who was never on any Boards or Committees, and who was never involved in any issues involving the City.

Since the District 1 election is for a shortened term of only 2 years, the City needs Commissioner Militello's knowledge and experience.

A shortened version of the letter about Pam and not naming other names was sent in and also not published.

A response to an editorial was refused:

Dear Editor:
Observer's publisher attacked Commissioner Militello last week because attorney Tom Connick supports her.

As one of many of Pam's supporters, who is Tom Connick?

Tom's law office has been in Deerfield Beach for over 26 years. Tom is a Vietnam veteran, being awarded the Combat Infantryman's Badge, Bronze Star, Vietnam Campaign Metal, Vietnam Service Metal, Army Commendation Metal and National Defense Service Metal.

For years, Tom has selflessly devoted himself to the betterment of Deerfield Beach, serving for 11 years as Chairman of the Deerfield Beach Housing Authority, being the attorney who wrote three Charter Amendments to protect our City that were overwhelmingly approved by the voters, representing OSOB, fighting to preserve the green space of Tam O'Shanter and Deerfield Beach Golf Course against developers, fighting the bad Boinis pier deal and overdevelopment.

Most recently, he has been working for free with Commissioner Militello and the City Attorney to craft a meaningful Code of Ethics.

Tom was awarded the President's Award for Pro Bono services by the Florida Bar for providing legal services to the poor.

Tom is a valuable part of the Deerfield Community in protecting our rights, and Tom supports Commissioner Militello because Pam selflessly protects our rights.